Chevrolet Runs Out Of Its Most Popular Corvette Options

Automobile manufacturers are facing tough times because of a variety of parts shortages. The most difficult of them all remains the chip shortage in semiconductors and experts in the industry believe will continue until the fourth quarter of 2023.
The shortage of chips continues to wreak havoc on the auto sector, and we’re unable to imagine a single company that hasn’t had to stop manufacturing at the very least.

The production of the Chevrolet Corvette C8 has been plagued since the beginning and not only due to parts shortages. Manufacturing for this C8 was also delayed due to strikes and a tornado that ripped across Bowling Green. Bowling Green plant. The plant is now Chevrolet is faced with a fresh schedule of shortages of components released from Mid Engine Corvette Forum. Mid Engine Corvette Forum.

2022/2023 Chevrolet limitations were revealed to the forum by an insider. It lists several parts that are unavailable because of the shortage of semiconductors or supplier limitations.

It is confirmed that Z06 is sold out. Z06 is in the process of being sold out until 2023. This immediately boosts its value. This is the case for the vehicles Chevrolet has made and will continue to produce. The Z06’s availability has been the most important problem, as the scarcity of it pushes the price well into the realm of supercars. It’s not ideal considering Z06’s goal to be a supercar for blue collar workers. It’s true that it’s priced at $100,000, but it’s a relatively low price when you compare it to what Italians cost for cars with similar performance.

Chevrolet has employed a variety of strategies to prevent markups and flippers out of the way However, to date all that appears to be working is online protests from consumers.

The orders for the 2023 Corvette Stingray are still open however, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll obtain the car you’ve always wanted. Screenshots shared by the insider revealed there are some parts that are currently unavailable and the exact date at when these parts will be accessible is still to be established. The most appealing options are apparently gone for the entire model year.

The parts that are currently not available are all retrofittable, or you may opt to not have the parts if you prefer. They include the chrome locking mechanism for wheels, floor liners for all weather and the high wing spoiler, Carbon Flash metallic-painted, and Red Edge brake calipers. Red engine covers is no longer available unless choosing an anniversary edition of 70 years.

As we mentioned previously in the model year, the whole limitations on production runs are greater. Due to restrictions from the supplier, the 19/20-inch Gloss black aluminum wheels aren’t available. It’s unfortunate that the Z51 Performance Package is on sale for the entire year which is a shame. It came with the non-adaptive performance suspension, the electronic limited-slip differential, high-performance coolant, and performance exhaust along with the high-performance Brembo brakes. It was among the most requested options in 2022 and probably continued to be popular in 2023.

Magnetic Ride Control along with the Z51 Package that includes Magnetic Selective Ride Control are also sold out for the model year.

In essence, Chevrolet has removed the option to choose the track-biased Corvette as well as a relaxed suspension system for everyday driving. Although a basic ‘Vette can be capable of delivering decent performance, however, you will achieve the most from it by putting its Z51 Performance Package available.

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