‘Gang’s All Here’ Podcast Episode 109: It’s over for Joe Flacco

It was a fun two minutes while it lasted.

Joe Flacco’s time as Jets quarterback will finally come to an end when Zach Wilson makes his long-awaited season debut on Sunday in Pittsburgh. Flacco had a fun two minutes to close the miraculous win in Cleveland last week, but Sunday was nothing short of unwatchable. The Jet’s offense could not put a touchdown on the board. Mix that with two Flacco interceptions and two fumbles and it’s a recipe for a brutal Sunday in East Rutherford.

While the game was rough, we were there after the game to bring some smiles…with a live episode of the “Gang’s All Here” podcast from House of ‘Que at American Dream mall next to MetLife Stadium. I hosted the show alongside Jets’ great Tony Richardson. We were joined on stage by another jet great, Wayne Chrebet.

• ‘Gang’s All Here’ LIVE Jets Postgame Podcast with Jake Brown, guest co-host Tony Richardson & special guest Jets legend Wayne Chrebet from House of ‘Que at American Dream:

• JETS LOSE 27-12: Joe Flacco was terrible and hard to watch. You can’t win when your QB turns the ball over four times. The defense struggled and gave up some big plays.

• DUMB PENALTIES: That Corey Davis penalty just can not happen. That’s undisciplined football from a team that is not used to winning. The Jets were in the red zone close to scoring and that killed them. John Franklin-Myers’ penalty, which was not a great call, also can not happen. Don’t push Joe Burrow at the last second.

• THE GOOD THINGS: Garrett Wilson returned from an injury that looked serious for a second straight week. Wilson is gutsy and can make big plays. When he’s not out there, this offense doesn’t run as smoothly. Sauce Gardner is already proving he’s a No. 1 cornerback. He was dominant against Ja’Marr Chase, only allowing 29 receiving yards.

• WAYNE CHREBET JOINS US: Around the 17-minute mark, we bring Jets legend and Ring of Honor member Wayne Chrebet to the stage. Chrebet talks about the day he got into the Ring of Honor, the emotions behind it, and being on the field Sunday with all the Ring of Honor members. Wayne and Tony give their favorite Jets memories from their time there.

• MANGOLD RING OF HONOR: Everyone loved Nick. T-Rich talks about his time playing with Mangold. The center kind of runs the offense. Mangold deserved it and should be in the Hall of Fame one day.

• ZACH’S BACK: Coming back on the road is great for Wilson. They won’t limit the playbook, because they are making sure he is 100% and has the ability to run with the football if he needs to.

• COACHES: Tony shares his memories of playing for Rex Ryan. Wayne talks about memories of playing for Herm Edwards and Bill Parcells.

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