Jeep Wrangler Rubicon FarOut Special Edition bids farewell to diesel engine

In the last week, we heard of a brand new special version of the EcoDiesel Wrangler through leak. It turns out the leak was true. Get to know the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon FarOut, the final edition of the Wrangler that is designed to mark the conclusion production EcoDiesel production.

Jeep first launched the EcoDiesel in the year 2020. it was at that time, the most tense Wrangler ever, sporting 442 lb-ft. However, since it was introduced, we’ve had more powerful models, including the Rubicon 392 (470 horsepower and 470 pounds of torque) and the 4xe (375 HP and 470 lb.-ft). If we’re honest we think Jeep looked around the room and decided that it would be best to simplify the lineup and cut a diesel model amid the biggest effort to make eco-friendly cars that the market has ever witnessed.

The brand new FarOut includes a range of items designed specifically to a specific edition Jeep and includes a few common equipment. The FarOut features Dana 44 rear and front axles and having a 3.73 ratio of axles, and the two-speed transfer case which has a 4.0:1 low-range gear ratios – this was previously not available with diesel engines. Additionally the FarOut comes with an “Diesel 3.0L” hood graphic as well as a “3.0 D” badging.

Jeep will also provide special 17-inch wheels as well as leather seats in red with black accents, leather upholstery. Also, there is and the Cold Weather Group, which includes luxuries such as heated steering wheels, and the Trailer-Tow as well as the Heavy-Duty Electrical group. The changes are finished off by the addition of The Safety and the LED Lighting Groups as well as body-colored flares for the fender as well as a grille in satin black and floor mats that are all-weather.

“The Wrangler Rubicon FarOut special edition is our tip of the hat to the EcoDiesel technology on Wrangler,” said Jim Morrison, senior VP and chief for Jeep North America.

The EcoDiesel White, a remarkably powerful was perhaps not a hit with those who adored the brand Although its power was well-loved but it was a pricey item that required an engine cost of $3,510 and an additional $2500 for the particular version of the automatic gearbox that had eight speeds it needed, which pushed the cost of the Rubicon up to $53,000, before other alternatives.

However, before you become happy that the diesel disappears, it’s just disappearing on the Wrangler However, it will remain accessible on other models.

Its Gladiator vehicle will feature the Jeep’s 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 in addition to the standard 3.6-liter V6, which gives you the power needed to tow and go on rock-crawling adventures.

Jeep has announced that the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon FarOut edition is available for pre-order through November 2022. The delivery will begin at the end of the fourth quarter the year.

Although we’ll never know the reason Jeep has decided to eliminate only 50% of its diesel lineup We’re interested to see how the final models will sell. Pricing isn’t yet revealed, but speccing the current Rubicon equipped with as much options as you can not including the unique wheels and graphics and Rock-Trac transfer cases – has already brought the cost to just $63,000. We anticipate similar pricing for the current model.

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