Leah Messer Talks Baby Plans With Jaylan Mobley – Recap

Leah Messer may already have three kids and is living a happy, long-term connection together with Jaylan Mobley, she’s considering having a fourth. The revelation was made in the September. 27, episode on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter the moment the daughter of her, Aleeah initially asked whether Leah and Jaylan who recently have moved in together, are likely to marry one day. Jaylan stated the answer was “yes”, he wants to get married Leah and it’s only the question about “when”.

When Aleeah was asked whether they as well Ali would “get siblings later on”, Jaylan said he wants one. He stated that the he’d “prefer” a boy, however, Leah was not so sure about having another. In the beginning, she stated, “I didn’t intend on having any more children,” but now that she as well as Jaylan “having everything together, financially [and] emotionally” she’s “open to it”. Then, she sat down for an informal chat with Jaylan’s mother and friends. They informed her that it’s difficult to raise an Black child, and that there are many things she’ll need to understand in order to keep her child in a safe environment.

In the meantime, Catelynn L. Lowell along with Tyler Baltierra were on the opposite end of the spectrum this week when they made the decision to not have babies. Actually, Tyler explored the idea of having vasectomy. He even contacted Amber Portwood’s former partner Gary Shirley, who previously had the procedure performed to learn more about what he could be expecting. Gary said to Tyler that they’d keep him awake during the procedure, and that they “numb it a little it”.

Gary also told Tyler that it would “smell a little bit of burning” as they cut him, and Tyler gasped. In the end, Gary now questions whether he was doing the right thing in telling Tyler that he’d “love to have another kid.” When push came knocking, Tyler couldn’t go through the process or at least, not right now. He wasn’t willing to let go of the possibility of having more babies and Catelynn was happy with this. She explained to him that it’s his body, therefore it’s his decision.

Then, Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis thought they required an opportunity to get back on track after the shooting. So they began looking for a house. By at the conclusion of the show they paid off some land and began construction of their ideal house.

And then, Briana DeJesus celebrated Stella’s completion of Pre-K. However, she was disappointed that Luis was not there. Also, Bar Smith returned home to Ashley Jones and their daughter, Holly, after completing 30 days of rehabilitation.

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