Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost Gets 700-HP Upgrade With Murdered-Out Looks

A Rolls-Royce Ghost is a luxurious car. For many, the brand’s four-door sedan has been the benchmark. Evidently, someone thinks differently. Rolls offers a Black Badge line for different models. This takes things to a whole new level above the standard Ghost. Spofec offers another option if you have the money.

First, you need to purchase a Ghost Black Badge. You’ll then give it to the German wizards at Spofec, a subsidiary Novitec, who will subtly update and add some sauce to the Ghost. What did you get? The result? 696 horsepower and 739 pounds of torque, an increase from the stock sedan’s 591 HP and 664 Lb-ft.

These are just the headlines. The Spofec Rolls are more than that. Spofec can sprint from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds thanks to the new tune. Rolls’ electronically limited top speed of 155 mph remains, but we are certain someone else will be able to fix it for you.

More surprising than the numbers is how Spofec manages to get them. Simple engine tuning is all that is required. Spofec claims that its tune adjusts timing to increase boost pressure for the V12’s twin turbo system. There are no aftermarket parts and there is no hassle in installing them. Spofec can add a stainless steel valved exhaust to give it a more modern look with hidden tips.

Spofec updates the Ghost Black Badge’s exterior with a new look to give it more striking looks. It works, we’d say. But it doesn’t take away from the Rolls-designed looks. Spofec also added rocker panels to the car (two for LWB and short cars), as well a lip spoiler to the trunk.

The rear aero was also updated by the German tuning company in the same manner as the front. The wheels look different now that the tuner secured 22-inch Vossen wheels shod with 265/35 or 295/30 rubber front and back. You can also choose from a variety of finishes and colors. Spofec claims it offers 72 colors.

Spofec finalizes changes to the Ghost’s handling with its suspension setup for the Ghost. This lowers the ride height to 86 mph, when it raises for better ground clearance.

Spofec does not mention the interior or pricing, but it says that it will personalize “the Black Badge Ghost’s interior according to the wishes and desires of the owner” with a “virtually unlimited” selection of colors.

The results are disappointingly similar to Spofec’s tune of the regular non Black Badge Ghost. This raises the question as to why you would buy the Black Badge.

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