The 2023 Kia Niro Is The Cheapest Hybrid Crossover In America

In the wake of Hyundai Ioniq headed to the grave, the inventory of low-cost hybrids has become even more limited. However, the 2023 Kia Niro will provide a new option to the range. Kia has revealed the prices on 2020’s Niro Hybrid, with prices for the plug-in hybrid as well as electric vehicle to be revealed later. The basic hybrid will be available with just three options: LX, EX, and SX.

The price for Niro LX Niro LX starts at a fair $26,490 (plus the $1,295 fee for destination) which makes it one of the more economical hybrids available and the cheapest hybrid crossover within the US. Toyota is yet to announce prices on Corolla Cross Hybrid. Corolla Cross Hybrid, but at the moment it appears that it appears that the Niro is the best value.

All Niro models are powered by the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, which is coupled with an electric motor that is 32 kW. The electric and gasoline combination produces an impressive 139 horsepower as well as 195 lb-ft of torque that is sent onto the front wheels via a dual-clutch 6-speed transmission. Some buyers might wonder why the Niro isn’t equipped with an all-wheel drive system, however this is all to improve efficiency. The EPA rates the Niro at 53/45/49 mpg city/highway/combined, which is not far off the Corolla Hybrid’s 53/52/52 rating. While it is true that the Corolla Cross Hybrid is more powerful, we don’t think it can match the performance of the Niro that comes with AWD.

The Niro is equipped with a myriad of safety features like forward collision avoidance and blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert. Kia hasn’t provided a specific list of what’s included with the higher trim levels however, we know the price. The entry-level EX is priced at $29,090 while the highest SX costs $32,490. Both trims are equipped with the Touring Package that comes with styling improvements.

Based on the earlier generation Based on the previous generation, the PHEV is expected to cost about $3000 higher than an HEV. The PHEV boosts the power to 180 horsepower (thanks to an electric 83-hp motor) and comes with an all-electric distance of about 33 miles.

In the case of Niro EV, Niro EV, it will likely to be one of the easiest to afford electric vehicles once it is released on the market built on the previous generationthat was offered for less than $40,000. The updated version comes with the 64.8-kWh battery, which will allow an operating range of 253 miles. It can produce 201 horsepower and an output of 188 lb-ft. the latter being less than the previous model that is likely to boost efficiency and reduce the cost. Electrify America has even announced that the Niro electric vehicle will come complete with 500 kWh free charging.

If they are following the direction of the HEV, both the Niro EV and PHEV could be bargains in their respective segments.

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